T-Pedals Super Hoffman



A boost that expands guitar and guitarist's mind!

6 different selectable frequency boost: from treble to bass boost, through very powerful mid-boosts, very effective for mix-cutting and presence boosting.

2 different transistor types:

  • GE (Germanium), for a clean, harmonic boost, very 60's.
  • SI (Silicon) for a more aggressive and powerful boost, typical 70's rock.

Other controls:

  • The +/- selector controls depth, working on boost amplification and peak sharpness.
  • The VOL control is a classic volume control.

Using the controls interaction, every kind of boost as well original distortions can be obtained.


  • Class A germanium/silicon boost
  • Switchcraft USA made jacks
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Silent true bypass switching
  • 9v battery or external adapter power supply
  • Eddystone metal case, glossy painted orange and silkscreened
  • Bright orange led indicator
  • "in air" point-to-point construction (no PCB)
  • 100% made in Italy

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