Totem Soundcraft Moon Fuzz


Totem Soundcraft

This pedal is hand-built, point to point, high quality components and hand-selected NOS germanium RCA transistors. Circuit is in the same family as the Fuzz Face, Vox Tonebender. Hand tuned to a beautiful sweet spot - this thing simultaneously sings and growls. Cleans up incredibly well with guitar's volume knob.

  • Pair of RCA 2N1301 germanium transistors (new old stock)
  • Volume and Fuzz controls
  • True bypass
  • Internal bias trimmer
  • High quality Ero and Panasonic capacitors
  • 2% metal film resistors
  • White LED
  • 9volt battery-powered only
  • Hand-etched custom art work
  • 2 year warranty

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