Tortuga Effects Metal Yeti


Tortuga Effects (December 2012)

Over the next five days I will be announcing a new limited edition 5th Anniversary pedal. First up it the Metal YETI!

The Metal YETI takes an already gain heavy effect and turns it up even more. Instead of relying on four silicon transistors, the Metal YETI utilizes a IC transistor array to pack in even more distortion. This and the modified clipping section give the Metal YETI a tight, thick gain that is perfect for 70's metal, stoner metal and even those classic Metallica tones.

Here's the lowdown on the 5th Anniversary Limiteds:

  • I will be announcing 5 different Anniversary Limited models.
  • Each model will be in a limited run of 10 pieces.
  • Participating dealers will receive a matching set - one of each model with matching serial numbers.
  • I will begin shipping the sets towards the beginning of January in serial number order.

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