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Tortuga Effects (December 2012)

Over each of the past few days I have be announcing a new, limited edition 5th Anniversary pedal. Today's reveal is the Psychedelic Sasquatch Silicon:

It's no secret that the Sasquatch is a heavily modified Fuzzface. It's a great circuit that you can do a lot to and I absolutely love tweaking with it. Jimi Hendrix did too and his modifications have been well documented. The Psychedelic Sasquatch Silicon has been modified to the same specs that Roger Mayer used on Jimi's late 60's Fuzzface. Although they used Germaniums for his first album, later albums and performances utilized pedals with Silicon transistors, which I feel more capture that classic Hendrix tone. All of this and the Psychedelic Sasquatch Silicon still has the Tortuga trademark, "Hungry/Full" low end switch and of course the "Make Him Mad" freak out side. You don't get more psychedelic than that.

Here's the lowdown on the 5th Anniversary Limiteds:

  • I will be announcing 5 different Anniversary Limited models.
  • Each model will be in a limited run of 10 pieces.
  • Participating dealers will receive a matching set - one of each model with matching serial numbers.
  • I will begin shipping the sets towards the beginning of January in serial number order.

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