Tortuga Effects Military Sasquatch - Germanium Fuzz


Tortuga Effects (December 2012)

Over each of the next few days I will be announcing a new, limited edition 5th Anniversary pedal. Today's reveal is the Military Sasquatch Germanium:

The Sasquatch has been at the core of the Tortuga line from the beginning. Since day one I've used Germanium transistors to get the sickly-sweet, deep fuzz that makes the Sasquatch unique. The Military Sasquatch Germanium is the same pedal but with some old stock USAF Germanium transistors at its core. These transistors are not usually found in any pedal let alone the Sasquatch. The military Germaniums I found have more gain, sustain and low end than the stock Sasquatch Germanium and they are more aggressive overall. This is truly one over-the-top monster.

Here's the lowdown on the 5th Anniversary Limiteds:

  • I will be announcing 5 different Anniversary Limited models.
  • Each model will be in a limited run of 10 pieces.
  • Participating dealers will receive a matching set - one of each model with matching serial numbers.
  • I will begin shipping the sets towards the beginning of January in serial number order.

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