Tortuga Effects Royal Manhattan - Dual Analog Flanger


Tortuga Effects (December 2012)

Over each of the next few days I will be announcing a new, limited edition 5th Anniversary pedal. Today's reveal is the Royal Manhattan:

The Royal Manhattan is a huge step away from the standard Manhattan. Where the original is a straight-up flanger, the Royal version is as much a flanger as it is a chorus and a ring modulator. It is beautiful and crazy all in one. From Martini-like lush chorus, to a sickly, swirly ring modulator attack, the Royal Manhattan is the ultimate modulator.

Here's the lowdown on the 5th Anniversary Limiteds:

  • I will be announcing 5 different Anniversary Limited models.
  • Each model will be in a limited run of 10 pieces.
  • Participating dealers will receive a matching set - one of each model with matching serial numbers.
  • I will begin shipping the sets towards the beginning of January in serial number order.

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