Tortenmann is the brand of Stephan Junge, previously the designer of the Telenordia pedals. When Telenordia ceased to exist, Stephan had put a lot of work into the pedal line, so decided to continue their production on his own and founded Tortenmann.


      The main reason for the new brand is of technical nature - I took the opportunity to change the ground polarity of the pedals, which has been requested by many users. The Telenordias were positive ground, which caused trouble connecting them to an external power source. The new pedals are standard negative ground, so they can be connected to the same supply line together with other pedals without difficulty. Although solving that powering issue, this step leds to the situation that the old pedals are incompatible with the new ones! So they better have a distinguishing attribute. Another reason why I chose to take a new name is that Tortenmann simply is a new company, setting it apart from Telenordia.

      Other than that, the Tortenmann pedals do only have some minor improvements over the Telenordia units, the sound and build quality will be the same.

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