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Torch Effects

Torch Manufacturing's first offering: the Vintage Radio Simulator

A lo-fi effect with switchable damaged speaker effect and boost/overdrive feature.

Printed circuit board construction, and both battery/9vdc adapter power, $125.


  • Volume- adjusts output volume of effect.
  • Frequency adjustment- changes amount of effect applied.
  • Speaker damage switch- simulates an old radio with a distorted, overdriven and/or broken speaker.


  • Heavy duty Neutrik in/out jacks
  • Heavy duty "blue" 3PDT bypass switch w/ true bypass
  • High gloss stained wooden enclosure

The Vintage Radio Simulator is best used with a clean guitar channel but also functions as an overdrive/fuzz at the upper limits of the frequency adjustment control. With a smooth fuzz and lots of output signal, it's great for hitting the input of your tube amp for a little bit more drive. It's very responsive to dynamics and picking strength when used as an overdrive/fuzz and is an added use to the unit.

The effect is diminished with amps using lots of gain or distortion but can still be heard on the maximum end of cut, especially those using setups with lots of low end.

All production pedals constructed with top quality components sourced from American small businesses in the DIY electronics community, constructed by me, or produced by pedal builders whenever possible. This is something I feel very strongly about and I reflect that in my effects pedals business.

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