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Torch Effects

This is a hand built, point to point Valvecaster 5963 (12au7) tube boost and overdrive from Torch Effects.  The unit features a 1960's 5963 RCA tube which gives this thing an incredible sound.  It will go from a smooth overdrive, to gritty OD/almost distortion, and will really push a tube amp nicely.  At higher gain settings this really fattens things up.  This also sounds great with solid state amps, as it adds a nice warmth and fabulous tube breakup.

Construction features a "blue" 3PDT stomp switch, blue LED, tube shield (not pictured) Switchcraft jacks, and 12vdc power supply (included).  The Valvecaster utilizes an internal voltage regulator for hum-free operation.  The housing is a surplus NOS  Civil Defense dosimeter charger left over from the 1960s nuclear scare... since the Russians never nuked us, now I can make pedals out of the surplus!

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