Fall in love with your acoustic guitar all over again.

The ToneWoodAmp - allows for acoustic guitar players to add live effects to their instrument without having to connect to an external amplifier!

“Simply switch on the ToneWoodAmp and start exploring the endless possibilities. Your acoustic guitar will suddenly have a new life. There is nothing else on the market that can make your guitar sound like this without the use of an external amplifier or external effect.”  Ofer Webman, creator of the ToneWoodAmp.

Welcome to acoustic guitar 2.0. No external amplifier or effects are needed!

The ToneWoodAmp uses a clever combination of powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and Surface Exciter. Attached to the back of your acoustic guitar, the device vibrates the back of your instrument, producing sound effects such as reverb, echo, delay, tremolo and more, which interact with the natural sound of your guitar. The result is a unique soundscape coming from within the body of the guitar itself, while still maintaining the guitar’s natural beauty, original tone, and untethered portability.

What It Sounds Like?

Jake Allen's video demo above is a great example of how it sounds. We also have many videos on our website and Facebook. Here is another simple home recording we made to simulate the player's experience at home. The recording device was ZOOM H2N. Please note that there are two segments on this demo and that the first sample of each segment is always "dry" ( i'm not the best finger picker so please excuse the performance :-). PLEASE USE HEADPHONES OR GOOD QUALITY SPEAKERS.

The ToneWoodAmp Built In Effects

The ToneWoodAmp feature 3 Reverb types, Delay, Echo and Tremolo. There are another two presets that aren't finished yet.

To switch between effects, turn the “Program Change” knob. Each effect has 3 parameters to work with:

"Store" and "Recall" Capabilities

You can store and recall effect presets to the ToneWood Amp. To store an effect preset, press the Program Change knob for more than 2 seconds until the program number flashes few times. To recall a setting, press and release quickly the program change knob and the setting will be recalled.

What The ToneWoodAmp looks and feels like on the back of your guitar

In terms of weight, there is virtually no impact on your experience. Our prototype weighs close to 11oz, your unit will be around 6-7oz.

Need More Effects? Connect with iDevice and Use Any Guitar Effect App Including MIDI Apps!

In addition to the ToneWoodAmp’s internal DSP, the device can also connect with all iOS devices, so you can use your phone or tablet to produce an unlimited number of effects, and even play Virtual MIDI instruments from within the body of your guitar itself.

How To Attach The ToneWoodAmp

The initial installation and setup of the ToneWoodAmp is fast and easy, It requires no tools, and has no permanent impact on your guitar. Once the magnetic rails are installed, detaching and attaching the ToneWoodAmp to the guitar takes just seconds.

We have two methods of install, both use a base of what we call the “magnetic rails”. The first (original) method include a double sided adhesive strip perfectly safe to all Polyurethane finished guitars (This is the most common finish for modern guitars). The second method (Which we just announced on Dec 7th) is an adhesive free alternative, it includes a set of four magnets easily placed inside your guitar. This option is perfect for high-end or vintage nitro based (Nitrocellulose Lacquer) finished guitars

One ToneWoodAmp For All Your Guitars!

Because the ToneWoodAmp can be quickly and easily removed and reattached, it can easily work with all of your acoustic guitars. Get one ToneWoodAmp and see how it changes your experience with any acoustic guitar that you own!

One ToneWoodAmp can work with All Your Acoustic Guitars One ToneWoodAmp can work with All Your Acoustic Guitars


  • Compatible guitars: You can install the ToneWoodAmp on any flat back acoustic* or acoustic-electric guitar (metal or nylon).

  • Compatible pickups: Magnetic pickup for steel string acoustic guitars and under saddle piezo pickup for both nylon and steel string guitars. NOTE!!! Microphone pickups aren't compatible with the ToneWoodAmp

*FOR NON-ELECTRIC ACOUSTIC GUITARS: For those who don't have an electric-acoustic guitar, and also for those who are interested in using the ToneWoodAmp with a magnetic soundhole pickup in addition to the under saddle piezo pickup, we will offer a high quality “Technician-Free” pickups: A soundhole magnetic pickup for steel string guitars and piezo based pickup for nylon string guitars.


  • Weight: approximately 7oz
  • Size: 5 x 3 x .75
  • Power by: AA Batteries
  • Input Jacks: Guitar in, iOS input/output,
  • Output jacks: Direct Out to PA*
  • Knobs: Gain, Volume, Program change/store/recall, effect parameters and notch filters

* All specs are based on current prototype. Direct Out is a new feature we will be adding

Usage ideas and benefits of the ToneWoodAmp

  • The ToneWoodAmp can be a great tool just for fun, practicing, musical discovery, experimentation, composition, recording, and even live performances.
  • Add effects to your living room guitar without having to connect to an external amplifier
  • Use the ToneWoodAmp while practicing, it will help make practicing a fun experience
  • When writing a song, you will get inspired by the new voicing and soundscapes you can create
  • Boost your solo performance, especially for unplugged settings
  • Experiment and develop new voicing for your guitar
  • Miss an amp when you travel? Take the ToneWoodAmp.
  • Use Virtual MIDI instruments as an orchestral background (Requires iDevice and apps)
  • Play along with drums and loops (Requires iDevice and apps)
  • Aged guitars sound better, and with the added layer of ToneWoodAmp vibrations, you get to age your guitar faster.


  • Enrich the natural sounds of your acoustic guitar with live effects
  • Instantly add - Reverb, Delay, Echo, Tremolo and other effects to your acoustic guitar
  • Requires no external effects or amplifier
  • Connects with any iDevice* to add unlimited effects and even virtual MIDI instruments
  • Attaches to the back of the guitar, so it is virtually invisible from the front of guitar
  • Quick install: Initial Install takes 5 minutes, after that it takes seconds to attach or detach**
  • Easily transferable from one guitar to another
  • Battery powered

* Requires iDevice and suitable apps

** Some restrictions apply to rare or vintage guitars with NITRO based finish. NITRO based finish is very sensitive to EVERYTHING. Most, or all commercial guitars; including high end guitars such as Martin and Taylor are made with Polyurethane type of finish. The rails will not harm guitars with this finish.



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