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Tone Technologies is offering the most versatile, easy to use, and best sounding overdrive unit artists from any genre will appreciate and love. We’re taking some of the best-overdriven tonal qualities of the past and combined them with brand new tonal qualities to tailor your very own unique tone. The TripleDrive™ has cranked American warmth with creamy British overtones but with added enhancements that make it exceedingly easy to use more modern techniques like pinch harmonics, two handed tapping, etc. It brings the right frequencies into your sound so all of the right nuances are heard, just like a real, high-end, cranked tube amp.

The TripleDrive™ is actually three pedals in one. You can choose from a simple Clean Boost, an overdrive, or a Distortion sound. It’s the ultimate multipurpose tonal machine for the 21st century artist. When used correctly it covers all music genres with ease.

The Layout

The TripleDrive™ layout is very simple and intuitive but with more options and features than the normal overdrive pedal. You have all of the options you need to fully customize your own memorable tones. It has three controls. One for level, one for tone, and one for gain.

The level control sets the pedals overall volume. This baby is packed with plenty of extra volume if the need ever arises. You will not be disappointed.

The Tone control puts the high frequencies in their place. It’s set so well flat though that we recommend leaving it at 12 o’clock.

The Gain control adds the right amount of dirt, drive, or compression for your liking. This is where you dial in how much sustain, creaminess, or grit you’d like in your sound.

We’ve given the TripleDrive™ two three-way switches as well.

The first is the three-way EQ Switch, which has a dark, normal, and bright setting. You may use this switch differently depending on the guitars or amps you’re using, a great feature to have. We recommend using this switch to select your overall tone, then use the tone control to fine tune if needed.

The second is the three-way Drive mode switch.

Three pedals in one – The Drive Modes

The three-way Drive mode switch lets you choose between a Clean Boost, an Overdrive, or a Distortion sound. It’s easy to tell which mode you’re using on dark stages because we’ve installed a bright 5mm tri-color LED indicator with a different color for each of the three drive modes.

  • Clean Boost (Green Drive Mode): Great for using in front of a tube amp to push it into breakup bliss. This is where the extra volume this pedal can achieve comes in handy. The Clean Boosts EQ is set perfectly to put you right on top of a full band mix. It’s snappy and full but not harsh or sharp. When it’s time to shine at that gig, you’ll be heard just fine.

  • Overdrive (Blue Drive Mode): Gives you the tone of a high wattage tube amp with some dirt and throatiness but without any muddy or “fuzzy” overtones. It’s mostly a tonal enhancement and in a way, it’s still clean. If you’re a player with touch and you really want all of the dynamics from your hands to shine through, this is your channel. This channel also works well to use as a boost when you want huge, clear, distorted rhythm chords.

  • Distortion (Red Drive Mode): Our screaming full stack sound. Great for all of your distortion needs. Harmonic squeals, single note soloing with years of sustain, and thick thunderous power chords come easy on this channel. However, chords played with heavy distortion remain clear and articulate with string separation remaining in tact. Picking nuances and dynamics really shine through, as well as the ability to dial in clean to dirty rhythm tones and sustaining lead tones with the turn of your guitar's volume control.

…A great NEW design!

We like to think of ourselves as artists creating the very finest tonal tools for other artists and this is our tangible proof! We believe that the TripleDrive™ will replace all of your other boost, overdrive, and distortion pedals.

With over two years of research, development, redevelopment, and fine-tuning this unit is PERFECTION.


  • Hand built
  • Top quality, high-end electronic components
  • Choice of 6 different enclosure colors (cream shown)
  • 3 selectable drive modes
  • 3 selectable eq settings
  • Level, tone, and drive controls
  • Mechanical true bypass switching
  • Bright 5mm tri-color led indicator
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Rugged metal enclosure w/ protective clearcoat
  • (L) 4.70" x (W) 3.70" x (D) 1.18"
  • Uses 9 vdc battery or Boss style adapter
  • Superior tone quality
  • Great for stage or studio

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