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Rocket LauncherTM is an attenuation pedal. The pedal itself does not boost your signal. The Rocket LauncherTM works by attenuating the signal, giving you a lower "rhythm" volume level. The amp is set at a higher volume to give a perceived "boost" when the pedal is disengaged.

So, quit running your expensive tube amp at ridiculously low levels and then trying to boost it with a boost pedal for leads. All this does is slam the front end of your amp giving you a completely different tone. Especially in the high gain channel. Hey, I like the sound of my amp...I just want it louder for soloing.

The Rocket LauncherTM can be used in several different ways. By inserting the pedal into an amps' FX loop the tone is left completely intact. This means that the pedal won’t affect your overdrive or high gain distortion, that you love so much, it will just get louder. You're using your amp as a boost. With the Rocket Launchers' true bypass switching it's like plugging straight into your amp for your boost tone.

Another way to use your Rocket LauncherTM is after your pedal board. If you use pedals to craft your distortion, just place the Rocket LauncherTM after the last pedal. The tone of your pedals will be left intact, only lowered for rhythm and louder for leads. If plugging in direct is more your style, try using a Rocket Launcher after your modeling processor. This way you wont have to change presets for solos, then try to find your way back to the original preset. The Rocket Launcher also works great with bass and keyboards.

If you use a volume pedal for lead solos, try a Rocket Launcher. You'll get more consistent results. With the Rocket Launcher, it's alot easier to return to a fixed rhythm level. Highly recommended for people who sing along with playing the guitar.

Rocket Launcher controls include:

  • Trajectory, Which is the level control of your "rhythm " setting. Works like a “Master volume”.
  • Range, is a switch for adjusting the sensitivity of the Trajectory when using different amp configurations.
  • Tone, is a switch that ads a treble bleed circuit to retain the high frequency signal when in low volume settings. I find this useful for adding sparkle to clean tones. Turning this off reduces unwanted treble in high gain settings. Up (or away from you) is on. Down (or toward you) is off.

There are two LED's:

  1. The blue one signals pedal engaged. ("rhythm" volume).
  2. The red one signals pedal disengage ("boost" or bypass).

There is a 9 volt power input jack (BOSS type) or you can use a battery. Since there is an LED on in either mode, you will have to unplug the input cable to turn off power when a battery is used.

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