Tonerider BD-1 British Distortion


Tonerider (2007)

Devotees of classic British amps stand up and be counted. Our new British Distortion pedal offers guitarists the thick, rich, harmonic laden sound that launched a thousand bands. From crunchy rock tones at lower gain settings to searing sustain-drenched solo sounds when pushed to the max, the British Distortion will redefine your idea of what is possible to achieve without messy, hard-to-maintain tubes.


  • Saturated British tone on high gain settings, great crunch rhythm tone on lower settings
  • Superb, musical harmonics
  • True Bypass switching



  • True bypass switching
  • Low-noise, all analog circuitry
  • Dynamic Tone Control
  • Tonerider Custom Enclosure
  • Takes industry-standard negative-centre ground
  • Our custom rubber grip
  • All pots jacks and switches are "off-board" for increased reliability
  • Large, bright blue LED
  • Dimensions: 120mm * 67mm wide * 45 mm height

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