Tonerider AO-1 American Overdrive


Tonerider (2007)

The American Overdrive delivers a powerful range of creamy, tube-like tones with extra headroom on lower gain settings (it makes a great dirty boost, too), and offers a generous amount of gain and bite at higher settings.

  • Tube-like overdrive that stays sharp and doesn't overfatten your midrange
  • Works as a light-gain boost on low gain settings.American Overdrive AO-1


With the American Overdrive we wanted to create the most versatile overdrive on the planet - a pedal that can work as a fat boost, a dynamic overdrive and powerful "tube-tone" style distortion effect. Please take time to listen to the soundfiles below to see the powerful effect the American Overdrive can have on your tone.


  • True bypass switching
  • Low-noise, all analog circuitry
  • Dynamic Tone Control
  • Tonerider Custom Enclosure
  • Takes industry-standard negative-centre ground
  • Our custom rubber grip
  • All pots jacks and switches are "off-board" for increased reliability
  • Large, bright blue LED
  • Works as a boost, dynamic overdrive and distortion
  • Dimensions: 120mm * 67mm wide * 45 mm height

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