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Tone Ranger Effects

Introducing the Sili-Grit! It’s a silicon-based fuzz pedal that will peel the paint off the walls. This is not your grandpa’s fuzz pedal. This thing sonically smacks you around and then calls your girlfriend names. A simple, no-frills fuzz that is thick and aggressive. But back down the volume on your guitar, and you get a myriad of tones from boost, to fuzzy overdrive, to full-gain fuzz mayhem. Want more of a gated, 8-bit fuzz sound? The Sili-Grit does that, too. Turn down the “Starve” trimpot inside the pedal to lower the voltage and let the sputtery, splatty tones fall out of your amp. Send the kids to Grandma’s house cause it’s time to RAWK!

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