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The OPTIMUM OVERDRIVE gives you that warm vintage tube amp tone without the ear fatigue associated with the extreme volumes that are typically necessary for those seeking the cherished "sweet spot". Based on poplar TS-808 4558 chip, it provides a smooth musical overdriven tube tone instead of the harsh generic tone of the slew of pedals on the market. Besides the standard controls for GAIN and LEVEL, we added a bass boost toggle (low pass filter) to enhance the use of either single coil or humbucker pickups. You can fatten up those thin single coils or add brightness to your humbuckers giving you a dynamic range not found in similar pedals. In conjunction with the full sweep TONE control, you can quickly dial in your signature sound making it the optimum tool (thus the OPTIMUM OVERDRIVE name) for powerful tube type overdrive at any volume level.

Features include:

  • top quality components
  • all metal powder coated silk screened enclosure
  • bright colored LED so you know when the effect is engaged
  • audiophile-style chrome metal control knobs for precise adjustments
  • mini toggle switches on some models for enhanced tone control
  • 9VDC input for pedal board convenience (battery power too!)
  • 3 PDT foot switch for true bypass switching
  • compact size - only 4 5/8" X 2 3/8"
  • noise free performance

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