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Who doesn't love the crunchy tone of a cranked Marshall tube amp stack? The EXTREME DISTORTION gives you the power and flexibility to create those same cherished tones in a small package. With just the right amount of focus on the mid range frequencies to emulate the sought after crunch, you have all the punch needed to achieve those classic rock tones. Using a multiple clipping design on your guitar's signal, it allows you to turn your small combo amp into a complete TONE MONSTER!

With controls for GAIN, LEVEL and TONE you can tweak until you find your personal voice that will fill the room and turn heads. Turn up the GAIN for a musical solo with harmonics that jump out front. Turn it down for minimal break up. Use the TONE control to adjust the desired amount of high end cut. The LEVEL gives you the variance in volume for the perfect final product. We even added a toggle for additional control so you can soften your tone when (or should we say "if") necessary.

There are a lot of distortion boxes on the market to choose from but finding one that gives you straight forward user controls and most importantly, great tone is the challenge. Sure you can find boxes with lots of knobs, toggles and flashy graphics but the final product is what counts. We believe the EXTREME DISTORTION meets these goals without putting a major dent in your budget and a strain on your brain.

Features include:

  • top quality components
  • all metal powder coated silk screened enclosure
  • bright colored LED so you know when the effect is engaged
  • audiophile-style chrome metal control knobs for precise adjustments
  • mini toggle switches on some models for enhanced tone control
  • 9VDC input for pedal board convenience (battery power too!)
  • 3 PDT foot switch for true bypass switching
  • compact size - only 4 5/8" X 2 3/8"
  • noise free performance

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