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Tone Monster Pedals

One of the most popular effects for guitar, the CLASSIC CHORUS delivers exactly what the name implies. Thick lush warm analog tones using the original BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) chip for a true discrete-time analogue delay line that was originally developed back in 1969 by Phillips Labs. Unlike DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which recreates via "analog voicing" and at a lower cost, we went the extra mile to bring you the dark vintage tones of a classic chorus to the shimmering rotating speaker effect made famous by Leslie.

With controls for RATE, DEPTH and EFFECT (FX) LEVEL you can adjust the speed, intensity and how much effect is added to your dry sound. Don't settle for less than a CLASSIC CHORUS!

Features Include:

  • top quality components
  • all metal powder coated silk screened enclosure
  • bright colored LED so you know when the effect is engaged
  • audiophile-style chrome metal control knobs for precise adjustments
  • mini toggle switches on some models for enhanced tone control
  • 9VDC input for pedal board convenience (battery power too!)
  • 3 PDT foot switch for true bypass switching
  • compact size - only 4 5/8" X 2 3/8"
  • noise free performance

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