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Tone Monk

The Phoenix symbolizes the resurrection of a Legend. Our Phoenix Professional Overdrive is a faithful rebirth of a classic, highly sought after circuit that is no longer available on the open market. It produces a full, smooth tone no matter the gain setting, and most players use it as an 'always on' effect. The controls are simply Gain, Treble, and Volume. The focal point of the circuit is a fixed low-mid "hump" with the ability to blend in treble as you see fit. There is a unique interaction between all of these controls, just like our Seed of Life VII, that allows you to shape your tone in anyway you see fit whether it be to create a natural, tube like overdrive or to simply use it as a clean boost.

We have gone out of our way to source exact valued components, NOS diodes and proper integrated circuit chips, though some advancements have been made to the esthetics of the original such as a smaller (hammond style 1950BB) enclosure and a standard 2.1mm (boss style) male power jack for modern applications.

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