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The Ankh is the symbol of eternal life known to be held by the high Gods in Egyptian Mythology and is a representation of the Tree of Life- the symbol of the connection of all life in the universe.

The main purpose of the Ankh is to form a connection with your amplifier. It boasts a dedicated, Op-Amp free, preamplifier inspired circuit in pedal form that includes tested and matched carbon composite resistors and silver mica capacitors. We wanted to develop a tool that would give you a versatile 3 dimensional studio quality tonal option on stage that you would want to keep engaged all the time. Imagine having that magical Neve quality tonal structure on your pedal board, delivering a silky balanced spectrum of sound. You can place the Ankh on your pedal board, in your effects loop, or even as an insert for live or studio application.

The controls are quite simple. An input control allows you to apply or limit your guitars signal to the circuit. As you turn up the Input control, you will hear the characteristics develop in the circuit. A wide spectrum, yet focused frequency tone control allows you to shape the tonal quality that is being amplified. An output control allows you to then send the now warm, richly developed signal onto your amplifier, or your next pedal. The output control is able to deliver 24dB of boost.

The Ankh comes standard in true bypass switching and is also available with 'Vesica Piscis bypass' that includes our Class A Line Driver built into the circuit.

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