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This is an exact electronic reproduction of the original unit built by Johnny Dallas in the U.K. in the mid sixties. It is a Treble/Gain booster. New as of 11-15-98, the Range Master now comes with True Bypass featuring the Fulltone 3PDT Switch. As well, I now offer a model that's a fullrange gain boost like Tommy Iommi used in early Black Sabbith recordings to over drive the front of his Laney's. What's it sound like? It's "That Tone" that Eric Clapton got on the 1966 album "John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton" or Rory Gallagher's tone and can also do a great job of duplicating Brian May's tone that he got with Queen. This is a hand built, point to point wired unit using carbon comp resistors, original type mylar caps, Fulltone 3PDT Switch, status LED and a germanium transistor. It will give you a nice boost to the front of your amp and offer harmonics that often elude you. It's that vintage sixties British blues tone. The first one to purchase a Rangemaster was Laurence Juber. Laurence was with Paul McCartney's band "Wings" and is now living in Los Angeles doing sessions and is an amazing guitarist with several solo albums out.

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