Tone-Junkie Tupelo-Trem



This pedal was designed with the tone connoisseur in mind. It combines a wide-ranging Speed control that goes from almost no oscillation at all to rapid fire pulses and the Depth control takes you from subtle to deep. Add to this a transparent sounding Boost circuit with a Level control that can be used with or without the Tremolo effect - 2 effects in one.

There are 3 indicator LED's -

  1. Boost on/off
  2. Flashing blue LED for Tremolo speed (always on regardless of Boost or Tremolo being on/off). So even on a darkly lit stage you always know the speed of your Tremolo.
  3. Tremolo on/off

Made with high quality components including audio-grade capacitors, metal-film resistors, switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, and True Bypass footswitches. The input/output/power jacks are mounted on the enclosure top-side panel which allows this enclosure to take up the same pedalboard space as a smaller enclosure with side mounted jacks. Top mounted jacks also allow for easier and tidier wiring on pedalboards. The enclosures are all custom painted baked enamel coatings with a clear hardened epoxy-resin finish that allows these beautiful finishes to holdup against years of abuse. Can be powered with standard 9volt - 2.1mm negative tip power supply (not included).

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