Tone-Junkie Brown Sugah



The Brown Sugah is the answer to those of you who have searched endlessly to get tube amp drive in an effects pedal. Like a cathode-biased no-negative feedback tube amp the Brown Sugah is touch sensitive and dynamic - touch your strings lightly and the Brown Sugah is clean and open sounding, hit 'em hard and it pushes your amp into sweet crunchiness! The Brown Sugah doesn't hijack your tone either- it's open, big, with lots of presence and great pick attack. A fantastic foundation or rhythm tone that works great with other pedals. Stack with another Brown Sugah or any other of your favorite 'drive pedals for an inspiring lead tone!

Made with high quality components including audio-grade capacitors, metal-film resistors, switchcraft jacks, Alpha pots, and a Truebypass footswitch. The input/output/power jacks are mounted on the enclosure top-side panel which allows this enclosure to take up the same pedalboard space as a smaller enclosure with side mounted jacks. Top mounted jacks also allow for easier and tidier wiring on pedalboards. The enclosures are all custom painted baked enamel coatings with a clear hardened epoxy-resin finish that allows these beautiful finishes to holdup against years of abuse. Can be powered with 9volt battery or standard - 2.1mm negative tip power supply (not included).

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