Tonehunter Pusher



With the Tonehunter Pusher the guitar signal finally can be boosted neutrally, without making the tone harsher, more bassy or twist it in any way. All nuances remain. We reached this by just using the best selected components and an firstclass signal processing. This makes the Tonehunter Pusher an absolutelly must have on every pedalboard.

Using the Tonehunter Pusher as a neutral high end buffer, you will be surprised how this little unit will improve your pedalboard overall sound. As one of the first units in your pedalboard chain It will defeat signal loss due to High Z signal on multiple connections.


  • Volume adjusts the output level
  • Status LED
  • True Bypass On Off Switch
  • 9V DC standard jack or battery operation
  • Neutrik In / Out jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing with best shielding qualities
  • High end board with selected parts

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