Tonehunter London 67



London back in 1967. Artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Jimmy Page created a whole new kind of guitar sounds. Stages got bigger, amps louder and a new sound enforced. With an enormous loudness these amps created a one of its kind distortion coming from their overdriven power amps.

Nowadays we want these sounds playing a club gig with well controlled volume. The Tonehunter London 67 Ovedrive offers this special harmonic overdrive with powerfull punch and huge dynamics thanks to its unique wiring circuit.

The London 67 also offers two switchable gainstages with different characteristics for perfect fitting overdrive sound. From almost clean to high overdrive the London 67 offers all possibilities for either classic or modern sounds.


  • Volume adjusts the master volume
  • Voice adjusts the timbre from smooth and fat to screaming high
  • Drive adjusts the overdrive intensity
  • Gain Stage Dark will set the gain voice to a dark tone
  • Gain Stage Bright will activate a bright harmonic gain stage.
  • Status LED
  • True Bypass On Off switch
  • 9V DC standard jack or battery operation
  • Neutrik In / Out jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing with best shielding qualities
  • High end board with selected parts

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