Tonehunter Deep Impact - Bass Overdrive



The Tonehunter Deep Impact is a high end preamp with unique features: it combines compressor and overdrive circuit in order to simulate classic and modern bass amps. The overdrive can be tweaked from clean to highly distorted thanks to the gain control. This brings back memories of old bass tube heads. In the fuzz position the signal with extra harmonics enforces even stronger.

The switchable compressor circuit makes the signal more sustaining and tighter without twisting the main tone. One feature of the Tonehunter Deep Impact: The deepbass range stays totaly neutral after switching on. The Deep Impcat always deals with the uncut main signal.

The Deep Impact is our new allround tool with invincible tone quality and an enormous versatility.


  • Volume adjusts the output level
  • Tone adjusts the tone spectrum from smooth to mid fucused open
  • Gain adjusts the amount of harmonic distortion
  • Status LED
  • True Bypass On Off Switch
  • 9V DC Standard Jack or battery use
  • Neutrik In / Out jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing with best shielding qualities
  • High end board with selected parts

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