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The Hot Molasses is a great new overdrive from Tone Hungry Effects. The Hot Molasses is easy to use and very compact. On top of that, it's a high quality build using premium resistors and capacitors - it sounds great and is extremely affordable.

The Hot Molasses is built to offer the sound of a small combo amp that is driven to it's limits. The sound has been described as the "perfect blend of fuzz and overdrive." It cleans up beautifully with your guitars volume knob - just like an amp would.

As well as being a great sounding easy to use overdrive, you can also use it as a clean mid boost with tonnes of headroom via the selector switch on the side.


  • Gain Knob: Controls the gain and output level simultaneously (alter the drive/volume further with your guitars volume).
  • Selector Switch: Switch between overdrive mode or clean boost mode

The Hot Molasses is true bypass.

Power requirements: Regulated 9V DC via standard 2.1mm connector with center negative.  As with all boutique effects pedals, a high quality power supply is recommended

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