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Tone Factor

Introducing the Tone Factor Eeyore (either/or) : an A/B Toggle Switcher with 2 dedicated loops.

The Eeyore is great for players who want to go between two seperate chains with the push of a button. For example : Do you want chorus on your cleans, but not on distortion? Put your chorus into one loop of the Eeyore and the distortion in the other loop. Your chorus will be bypassed when your distortion is engaged (and vice versa).

Multiple uses make it a handy tool for the pedalboard. Don't need two loops? Use one side as a silent tuner out by simply running the output to the tuner and no return cable.

Dedicated LEDs make it easy to tell what's going on. Channel A has a red LED, Channel B has a green LED.

The second switch (right side) takes BOTH loops out of the chain, effectively giving you 3 channels of signal (Loop 1, Loop 2, and Clean). This is great for simulating 3 amp stages. Stick a light overdrive in one loop and a full on distortion in the other and you have three distinct gains available with the push of a button. The right LED lets you know if the pedal is engaged or in bypass mode.

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