Tone Concepts The Distillery



  • Contour
  • Boost
  • Guts
  • Edge
  • Bleed
  • Shape (footswitch)
  • On/Off (footswitch)


Tone Concepts

Musical instrument products manufacturer ToneConcepts Inc. released its first guitar pedal, in collaboration with some of the worlds best-known guitarists, Nels Cline, Vince Gill, Los Lobos, Steve Lukather, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billy Gibbons, Alex Skolnick and Dweezil Zappa.

Since 2008, ToneConcepts Inc. has tested gear with some of the worlds leading guitar players on the stage and in the studio. They've put new and vintage tones into their hands, under their feet and through their amps. In early-2013, they approached several artists with a few simple questions: What's missing? What havent you found? What problem needs to be solved?

Pro guitarists wanted a pedal that would help them shape their tone through their own rigs or rented backlines.

The Distillery is the result.

The Distillery gives players up to 20dB of pure flexible power that sounds completely transparent. Whatever cables and pedals you run though, The Distillery will make you sound as if youre playing your guitar straight into your amp. Theyve also developed a sophisticated tone-shaping circuit that can give your humbuckers a singlecoil edge and your single coils some humbucker body & punch.

Designed and manufactured by ToneConcepts Inc. in Toronto, Canada, The Distillery is the first in a series of products developed in collaboration with some of the worlds best guitarists. This innovative new line is aggressively priced and addresses the discerning needs of professional touring musicians.

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