ToneButcher Blue Wail



This is a tremolo with built in Si fuzz. You can use it as a super clean trem or turn on the switch for fuzz.

Trem has depth, speed and volume.

Fuzz has volume and internal feedback control.

With the feedback control all the way down the fuzz is just fuzzy but as you increase the feedback things get out of control and weird. This pedal sounds and works well with all instruments, and the feedback will respond with your instruments volume and tone controls. The enclosure is made of hand laid fiberglass that has been tinted blue,and is transparent. The hand laid element ensures that each pedal is one of a kind and will maintain own identity forever. The pedal also features true bypass and flashing white LED for trem and green LED for fuzz. As with all my pedals there is no labeling or setting suggestions, this is done on purpose so you can find your own sound and experiment to create.

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