Tone Bakery Mocha Drive



  • Drive
  • Tone
  • Level
  • HP/LP (toggle)


The Tone Bakery Mocha Drive is an overdrive pedal capable of a wide range of vintage tones. It's modeled after a popular MOSFET and Germanium clipping design, upgraded with an audiophile voltage amplifier stage for significantly clearer highs, deeper lows, and lower noise, sounding all around bigger, more amp-like, and less boxy than similar pedals. Think Eric Clapton/Jimmy Page. The Mocha Drive will add an whole new dimension of tones to your amp and is perfect for turning your clean blackface amp into an overdriven Bluesbreaker at any volume.


  • Obsessive compulsive design upgraded with audiophile components
  • Wide range of amp-like, vintage tones
  • Low noise
  • True bypass

The Mocha Drive has a Midrange switch and three knobs: Drive, Tone, and Volume. With the Midrange switch set to Low Peak and the Tone knob in the middle, you'll have a natural tone that sounds like another channel of your amp. Setting the Midrange switch to High Peak provides you with a pronounced upper midrange for British-flavored tones. The Tone knob is flat in the middle, it cuts highs when turned counter-clockwise and adds highs when turned clockwise.

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