Tone Bakery Key Lime Compressor



The Tone Bakery Key Lime Compressor has a huge range of tones, from soft and transparent to a stinging Country twang. Think Peter Stroud/Brent Mason. It's modeled after the sought-after Ross Compressor with upgraded metal film resistors and capacitors for cleaner sound than the original. We also added an Attack control to provide more versatility and transparency when compressing hard.


  • Classic compression circuit
  • Metal film resistors and capacitors
  • Attack control for added versatility
  • True bypass

The Key Lime Compressor features three knobs: Sustain, Attack, and Level. With the Sustain set low and the Attack set to minimum, you'll have transparent compression rivaling the quality of high-end studio equipment. Dial the Sustain and Attack to 50% to get more heavy-handed compression while still preserving your instrument's attack. Set the Sustain near maximum and the Attack to minimum for single-note leads that soar and blossom, similar to amp feedback.

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