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The latest Tonality Effects Pedal is this special 2-Stage tube distortion. Not only a great sound, but also a visual highlight on each effectboard. This pedal sounds very lively and dynamic, because of the 12AX7 Tube inside the gainstage.

The Tube reacts directly to your guitarplay and technique. Smooth characteristic curve of theTube gives distorted sounds a sweet and harmonic touch, like a Tube Amp.

Nothing to compare with ordinary standard diode-clipping distortion pedals. Even single-coil guitars sounds fat and rich. A huge quantity of harmonics gives you a feeling of playing two guitars at the same time.

Really nice feature is the input sensitivity of this Pedal. You can control the distortion with your technique or the volume control of your guitar.

The second Footswitch activates the Boost-Control, and adds more Gain, Volume and Sustain.

A special Tonestack controls the frequenzy spectrum very linear and find a very nice balance between punchy deeps and transparent highs.

A warm glewing 12AX7 Tube, works in a precious chrome tube shield and needs only a standard 9V DC supply.

True Bypass is a Tonality Effects standard.

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