Tom's Line Engineering AGR-3S Michael Angelo Batio signature Mini Vintage Overdrive



Tom's Line Engineering Mini series

2 IN 1. One pedal combines 2 different modes - boost and normal. 2 effect pedals of normal overdrive pedal and booster pedal combined in 1 overdrive pedal with a switch on the top to simply choose. Get much more fun and much more possibilities!

NANO SIZE, BIG SOUND. Beautiful case design looks like a cherishable jewelry. Volume, gain and tone control this overdrive effect pedal to make ideal effect sounds.

PATENT DESIGN. Tom's Line Engineering patented design of stop bar on the pedal face to avoid accident move of buttons when stamping on the pedal.

EASY USE. Compatible to any 9V, negative tip effect pedal power adapters. Absolutely true bypass.


  1. 2 different modes - boost and normal.
  2. Volume, gain and tone control
  3. Patented stop bar design on the pedal face to avoid accident move of buttons when stamping on the pedal.
  4. True bypass.
  5. Power by 9V adapter, tip negative. 
  6. Power consumption less than 20mA. 
  7. Slip resistance bottom.
  8. Compliant with RoHS regulations, FCC, CE.
  9. Dimension: 92 * 38 * 32mm 
  10. Weight: 133g 
  11. Contents: velcro stickers, manual, MAB signature sticker, MAB signature overdrive pedal.

Michael Angelo Batio:

  • voted the "No. 1 Shredder of All Time" by Guitar One Magazine in 2003, 
  • listed as one of the "Top 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists of All Time" by Guitar World Magazine, for which he wrote the column Time to Burn, 
  • one of the "20 Greatest Shredders of All Time" by Total Guitar Magazine, both in April 2008,
  • won the 2009 Guitar World Magazine Readers Choice award in the "Best Shredder" category, 
  • won the Guitar World Magazine Readers Choice Award and was voted the "Fastest Guitarist of All Time." Over 440,000 votes were cast, in November 2011.

Michael Angelo Batio has an advanced knowledge of music theory, having a deep understanding of complex scale combinations and time signatures which assist him in his compositions. He is best known for his technical mastery of the fretboard and his extremely fast picking and sweep picked arpeggios, and for his ability to play a double and quad guitar, using both hands to play.

Michael Angelo Batio uses his signature pedals all the time at his clinic, concerts and master classes wherever at tour or at studio room. Enjoy the great effect sound brought to you by Michael Angelo Batio!

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