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Just a disclaimer, this version is pretty muddy and mushy and geared more toward the civil war versions which are bass heavy. I think it sounds great through a cranked tube amp and will make you ruin your underwear but that's my opinion and it's my version of the circuit. If you're looking for a crunchy modern sounding big m-ff, look elsewear.

White Muffer

White nipple indicator LED's to signify white version-

This is my take on the big m-ff. It's a mix of my favorite versions- the violet ram's head and the civil war. Its got a good amount of gain on tap and I boosted the mids a little to help it cut through. I also added a lift switch which takes out the first pair of clipping diodes to take this m-ff party to the next level. Theres also some sweet old stock russian transistors in the clipping stages for added mojo from the fuzz gods.

  • LEVEL: overall volume of the the pedal.
  • SUSTAIN: amount of fuzz. goes from dirty to disgusting.
  • TONE: classic m-ff tone knob here. lows left, highs right.
  • LIFT: in the down position the circuit is normal. start here. In the up position the first pair of clipping diodes are taken out of the circuit which boosts the whole thing a bunch, letting more low end through. You’ll probly find the right half sweep of the tone knob will bring in the high frequencies to even out the mix nicely. This lift also adds volume and mushes the crap out of the already m-ffy tone especially if the sustain is cranked. Super cool with heavier pick ups and bass guitars.

True bypass and uses standard boss style negative center 9v DC power supply.

Art by Liam Sparkes laser etched by BKLZR.

No battery option.

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