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Violet Muffer

Ultra-Violet nipple indicator LED's to signify Violet version

This is my recreation on the Violet Ram's Head big m-ff. It rules and I'm super happy with the way it turned out. It has a lot of mids and really cuts through at all tone settings. It's crunchy but smooth crunchy. Like when you get the all natural smooth peanut butter at the health food store but it still has some crunch to it. I also added a lift switch which takes out the first pair of clipping diodes to take this m-ff party to the next level. Theres also some sweet old stock transistors throughout for added mojo from the fuzz gods. I also spent a good amount of time designing the circuit boards to look as cool as the rest of the pedal.

  • LEVEL: overall volume of the the pedal.
  • SUSTAIN: amount of fuzz. goes from dirty to distortion.
  • TONE: classic m-ff tone knob here. lows left, highs right.
  • LIFT: in the down position the circuit is normal. start here. In the up position the first pair of clipping diodes are taken out of the circuit. Unlike the White version which gets pretty messed up and mushy here, the Violet version keeps its beautiful fuzzy distortion but gains some ballzy, beefier low end you can feel in your pants. I love it.

True bypass and uses standard boss style negative center 9v DC power supply.

Art by Liam Sparkes laser etched by BKLZR.

No battery option.


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