Tokai TXC-2 Exciter


  • Balance
    This knob regulates the direct sound and effect sound. Turning it to the right increases the effect sound, while turning it to the left increases the direct sound.
  • Frequency
    This knob regulates the frequency of the peak of an overtone. As it is turned to the right the high tone is emphasized.
  • Bright
    This knob is to add more range to the sound of the frequency. As it is turned to the right this effect becomes stronger.

    (descriptions taken from a Tokai brochure)


a Tokai brochure

The TXC-2 produces a clear original sound effect with an overtone; additionally, it can be made clearer effect sound by the bright control. The players can enjoy the sound of the humbucking pickup with the overtone and can compensate distorting the high tone which happens when some effecs were connected.

What is exciter?

It is not quite right if you think the TXC Exciter simply changes a tone quality or makes a sound bright. It is the effect device that produces a clear and steady sound by adding harmonics to the original sound.

For example, the TXC has made it possible to get clear the faded sound which often happens with the sound of the humbucking pickup without changing the tone and also made it possible to get relieved the single-coil sound which has a tendency to get faint.

Furthermore, the TXC surely functions as a pre-amplifier for electric-acoustic guitar, bass, etc., and as a buffer amplifier. Lets try.

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  • Input Impedance
    470 kOhms
  • Output Impedance
    10 kOhms and over.
  • Current Consumption
    3 mA
  • Power Source
    9V battery or AC adapter
  • Noise Level
    -90 dBm (C specificity)
  • Dimensions
    69(w) x 61(h) x 126(d) mm
  • Weight

Where to find one?

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