Tokai TCO-2 Compressor


  • Sustain
    This knob controls the sustain lenght. Turning it to the right increases the sustain effect.
  • Level
    This knob regulates the output level of the effect sound. It determines the balance between the effect sound and normal sound.
  • Attack
    This knob regulates the strenght and weakness of the attack sound when picking. Turning it to the right strenghtens the attack sound.

    (descriptions taken from a Tokai brochure)


a Tokai brochure

The TCO-2 Compressor controls a higher volume input signal and a lower volume input signal for a clear sustain effect. This unit is one of the basic effect units to use as a limiter for controling signal dynamics or to produce a long tone.

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  • Input Impedance
    1 MOhms
  • Output Impedance
    10 kOhms and over.
  • Current Consumption
    5 mA
  • Power Source
    9V battery or AC adapter
  • Noise Level
    -90 dBm (C specificity)
  • Dimensions
    69(w) x 61(h) x 126(d) mm
  • Weight
  • Highest tolerable input level
    -10dBm (1kHz)

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