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Does the world need another pedal based on the TubeScreamer? I didn't think so, until I built one at the request of a friend.

I built a pedal for him based on the exact 808 circuit with premium parts (and of course, true bypass) that you won't find in an original. I knew it would sound decent, but when I plugged it in... WOW!

I ran it beside my original TS-9 modded to 808 specs for comparison, and sure enough, the one I'd built blew the proverbial doors off the original.

I had to have one...

So I made one for myself, then one for someone else, then another, and another...

And a pepper was born

Needless to say, this model is now a part of the Toe-Jam lineup as the Jalapeño Heat. It comes in a durable jalapeño-green powdercoat enclosure with a vivid green LED indicator, a standard center-negative 9V adapter jack, and true bypass. It'll look awesome on your board, and sound awesome, too.

More than one Jalapeño flavor

Much has been made of the original TubeScreamer's "midrange hump" as if if it were a vile thing. Personally, I think the original circuit works great when paired up with a Fender-style amp. The extra midrange really helps to punch up a solo. So we offer a version of the 'Heat that is an exact reproduction of the original circuit, except we use higher-quality parts to let your instrument's tone shine through, and - unlike the original - is true bypass.

But everyone's rig is different, and the original design may not give you the tone you want. That's why we provide different flavors of the Jalapeño Heat that include a custom-tuned midrange, extra gain not available in the originals, and more. Please browse our stock and pick which one suits you best.

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