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The Toe-Jam Cherry Pie is based on the original iteration of the EH Big Muff Pi, referred to as the "triangle-era" BMP by those in the know. This version is generally regarded as the best-sounding of the muffs, and with good reason. This pedal has gobs of wolly yet articulate fuzz with nearly endless sustain.

Original triangle-knob muffs are commanding prices of $700 or more, making an original an impractical option for most players. Even if you do manage to find one, you're likely to encounter problematic wiring and a tone-sucking non-true bypass switching system.

Mmmm... pie

Our Cherry Pie retains the circuit of the triangle-knob BMP, but puts it in a more compact package for better integration into your pedalboard. It also offers a standard center-negative 9V power jack, just like most other modern pedals, and naturally features true bypass.

The standard Cherry Pie is finished in a spectacular-looking metallic red powdercoat. Pictures just don't do this finish justice, but click here for a better color representation. It also features a brilliant white indicator LED. This is one sexy pedal!

Bing cherry, wild cherry..

We couldn't stop with just one flavor. Naturally, we offer a reproduction of the original triangle circuit with premium components and true bypass operation, but there's more. We have other flavors with a smoother midrange response, and ones with insane amounts of gain. Have some pie!

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