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ToadWorks Ajax isn't just a new device - it's a new type of device, unique in the world of effects. Ajax is the audio equivalent of a pocket multi-tool - summing, splitting, phase inversion, boosting, cutting, mixing, buffereing - Ajax does it all, and more.

Every situation is different - sometimes you want to use two amps, sometimes you want to use two guitars - maybe there's another guitarist you want to accompany you on a song... maybe you have a keyboard, and you want to plug it in along side your guitar, but your amp only has one input, and you want to make the change in the middle of the song... maybe you're talented enough to do both at once... maybe you're using two amps, but one of the speakers is wired out of phase... There's alot of really good reasons for getting the ToadWorks Ajax. On stage or in the studio, Ajax is the one piece of gear that everyone will find a use for.


ToadWorks Ajax is a multi-state device designed for summing and splitting two distinct instrument signals. In addition, Ajax can invert the phase of both the incoming and outgoing signals. Suggested uses for Ajax are: a two-channel mixer, input/output phase correction, multi-guitar/amp interface, stereo expander, stereo-to-mono summing node, buffered signal splitter, and clean boost.

Ajax has two inputs, each with an independent level control. In addition, In(2) can be phase-inverted via the mini toggle switch located between the input level controls.

The two input signals are combined, and the result is split again, with an identical signal being sent to each output jack. Both outputs are controlled by the master OUT Level control. In addition, Out(1) can be phase-inverted via the large stomp-switch.

Ajax is a unique tool that every musician should have in their bag of tricks. As with all ToadWorks effects, each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.


Ajax is essentially a 2-channel line mixer, combined with a buffered Y-splitter, with the ability to invert (180°) the phase of one input signal, as well as one of the output signals.

Ajax has a wide range of uses, including:

  • Two-channel mixer - With independent input level controls, Ajax can act as a simple 2-channel mixer.
  • Multi-guitar interface - Ajax has two buffered inputs, allowing you to connect (and play) two different instruments at the same time.
  • Input phase correction - When combining two signals, there is always the possibility that the signals may be out of phase with each other. Ajax can invert the phase of one input to eliminate unwanted frequency cancellation.
  • Multi-amp interface - Ajax has two output jacks, allowing you to send the signal to two different amplifiers simultaneously.
  • Output phase correction - When connecting the two output jacks to two separate amplifiers, you may find that the amplifier outputs are out of phase with each other. Ajax can invert the phase of one output to eliminate unwanted frequency cancellation.
  • Stereo expander - when using two amplifiers (or recording direct to a stereo interface), it can be desirable to invert the phase of one of the amplifiers, creating an 'expanded' sound - this is especially useful with modulation effects such as chorus, flanger, etc. The output phase inversion is performed using the stomp switch, so this can be done on the fly.
  • Effect Combination - If you are lucky enough to have two Ajax devices, you can split the output signal of the first unit, applying varying amounts of effects to each signal indepentently, and recombining the signal using the second Ajax. Using this method, you will have access to new sounds and effect combinations that are otherwise impossible.
  • Simple buffer - Putting Ajax first in your signal chain will provide a simple buffer, eliminating concerns about signal loss in true-bypass effect chains.
  • Clean boost - Both the input and output Level controls are capable of linear boost, making Ajax a simple clean boost with no frequency attenuation.

Ajax is hand wired, by people, not machines. From our high quality 3PDT switches to the custom made enclosures and knobs, each component is the finest available, making ToadWorks pedals the most well-built and reliable effect pedals in the world.

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