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Roundabout is an unbuffered signal looper, offering the maximum in flexability and affordability. Roundabout is a True-Bypass mechanical switching device designed for both effect and amp switching. Use it as a True-Bypass box, as an effect loop switcher, or as an amp/guitar switcher (without the annoying "pop"!) There is no active circuitry in this device, the battery only powers the LEDs.

ToadWorks Roundabout signal looper have been designed to offer the maximum versatility, without altering your tone. Roundabout has been tested with dozens of new & vintage effects and amplifiers. Send your signal wherever you like with confidence.

When it comes to ToadWorks, just say yes.


ToadWorks Roundabout is a signal switching device designed for multiple modes of operation. Roundabout can be used for signal looping, switching, amplifier/guitar switching, and True-Bypass routing.

Signal from your instrument goes into the In jack, and signal from the Out jack can be sent anywhere you like! Roundabout has two loops via different sets of Send & Receive jacks; select the desired loop with the A/B switch, or bypass both loops with the On/Off switch. Use Roundabout as a True-Bypass box, as an A/B box, as an A/B looper, or as an amplifier/guitar switcher.

Roundabout features a true-bypass circuit, keeping your tone crystal clear when not in use. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.


The concept is simple - Roundabout re-routes your instrument signal through one of two signal loops. You can use it as a True-Bypass box by putting one or more FET-switched effects in the loops, and turn the effect(s) off via Roundabout's On/Off switch. You can also use Roundabout to switch between two different sets of series effects - turn on 10 different effects with one stomp!

On or off, the A/B LEDs stay on, indicating which loop will be engaged when the unit is switched on. In addition to switching between the two effect loops, Roundabout can be used as an amp switcher (and in the case of the standard version, a guitar switcher as well). Simply connect each Send jack to different amplifier inputs, and you can safely and quietly switch between two different amplifiers. And just because we like you, Roundabout will not "POP" when switching between two different amplifiers. You can even connect each Send jack to different inputs on the same amplifier!

Roundabout was designed to offer maximum signal switching flexibility in a minimum package. Why spend more money for less options? For the best signal switching options with the smallest price tag, ToadWorks Roundabout is the only option, even in the valley. Heh.

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