ToadWorks Mr. Ed Distortion



  • Brown
    controls the amount of overdrive
  • Tone
    controls the tone (bass/treble?)
  • Level
    controls the output volume




ToadWorks Mr. Ed is a distortion effect pedal that emulates the elusive “Brown” sound by providing a clear, transparent overdrive that is both dynamic and responsive. Mr. Ed has been tested and used with a wide range of amplifiers, including both tube, solid state and hybrid, and it delivers the goods every time.

For years, guitarists have sought after that elusive sound, eventually coming to realize that it simply cannot be achieved without spending large sums on vintage gear.

Now, the revolution is at hand - witness Mr. Ed!!!


Years of research and development went into the design and construction of this effect pedal. Begining with the most basic of circuit designs, our engineers developed, enhanced, modified and embellished the design until stumbling onto the biggest, baddest, loudest transistor based distortion circuit known to man.

The switch turns the effect on and off, the Gain knob controls the amount of overdrive, the Tone knob is a passive high-end cut, and the Level knob controls the overall output level. Mr. Ed is an extremely hot circuit, and at full gain & level produces a tremendous increase in signal strength. Care should be taken not to overload your amplifier's input.

Even though it's the biggest and the baddest, Mr. Ed features a true-bypass circuit, so your tone won't suffer went you want a little peace and quiet. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.


Mr Ed has a wide range of distortion, from bluesy overdrive to smooth metal crunch with a single turn of the Gain control. Go from an edgy rhythm sound to soaring leads without changing a thing - the pedal actually reacts differently based on signal amplitude, creating a slightly different sound based on HOW you play. Just like a tube amp, Mr. Ed breaks up smoothly - even at full effect, playing softly produces no distortion. No other non-tube effect pedal in the world can make this claim.

Mr. Ed doesn't just distort. In addition to the Gain levels, you can control the tone and volume of the effect. Mr. Ed has quite a kick - by increasing the Level control, you can dramatically boost the signal level, in effect making Mr. Ed a lead boost.

ToadWorks Mr. Ed is hand wired, by people, not machines. From our high quality 3PDT switches to the custom made enclosures and knobs, each component is the finest available, making ToadWorks effects the most well-built and reliable pedals in the world.

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