ToadWorks Big Banana




ToadWorks Big Banana is a compact buffer/splitter, designed for maximum versatility at the lowest cost. Big Banana can be used to buffer your signal, or to split your signal, with no hgh end loss or signal coloration.

ToadWorks Big Banana is the simplest solution for dealing with high-end loss and stereo isolation issues. Don't let your tone get small - use the ToadWorks Big Banana.


ToadWorks Big Banana is a combination signal buffer and splitter device designed primarily to convert high impedance instrument signals to low impedance signals. Additionally, Big Banana has a second output jack, allowing you to split your signal for either a stereo output, or to connect a tuner without sacrificing tone.

The stomp switch turns the buffer on and off, and there is an internal trim pot to adjust the output volume.

ToadWorks Big Banana features a true-bypass circuit, so you know you're getting all the tone you deserve. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.


The ToadWorks Big Banana represents the very best in signal buffer design. With it's low power consumption, ease of use, and superior design, the ToadWorks Big Banana delivers the best bang for your buck of any true-bypass buffer/splitter on the market.

Priced to fit any budget, Big Banana is the choice of pros and amateurs alike. Big Banana is hand wired, by people, not machines. From our high quality 3PDT switches to the custom made enclosures, each component is the finest available, making ToadWorks Pedals the most well-built and reliable effect pedals in the world.

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