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The DRHIVE pedal is a 2 stage IC driven, overdrive effector pedal with an interactive fuzz boost – two unique characters in one amazing pedal.

One of which is driven by geranium compounds.  It is supported by Alpha potentiometers, neutrik connectors and compression switching devices. Its transparency is created by it's studio grade componentry and its high grade PCB development.

The PCB's are manufactured at spec by some of Australia's finest audio technical engineers and hand built by Earth Audio‘s finest, with a vintage touch of cloth wiring for all audio signal paths.

The first channel of the effect is a creamy and warm drive that gives the player variation, versatility and expression via the guitar controls. The second channel fuzz stage of the pedal, or ‘More', has a deep rolling edge to it and if driven by the bass control can create a gated sag effect which David loves.

The DRHIVE is made for artists that like textual variations without touching the pedal during a session. With the help of TMG's finest and David's need to express we have developed a fine expression pedal for the musician that likes to drive their soul.

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