Tidal Quad


  • 4x Cutoff
    Controls the cutoff frequency of the filter
  • 4x Reso
    Controls the filter resonance
  • 4x Shaper
  • 4x VCF (LP/BP/HP)
    Selects the filter: low-pass, band-pass or high-pass
  • 4x Shape (1/2)
  • 4x ?
  • 4x Punch
  • 4x Env Sense
    Controls the envelope follower sensitivity
  • 4x Env Mode
    Selects an envelope mode
  • 4x Env Attack
    Controls the envelope attack time
  • 4x Env Release
    Controls the envelope release time
  • 4x Env Depth
    Controls the depth of the envelope sweeps
  • 4x LFO Depth
    Controls the depth of the LFO sweeps
  • 2x LFO Rate
    Controls the rate of the LFO
  • 2x LFO Wave
    Selects the wave-form of the LFO



The Tidal Quad is a 4-channel filterbank with extensive control and modulation possibilities. The filter can be used in High-/ Low-/ or Bandpass with an Envelope follower for each mode. There is also an LFO for each set of 2 Channels which allows complex modulations. Additionally it offers a Waveshaper for each channel. For friends of analog distortion this unit leaves no wish open.

  • 4x HP/BP/LP - Filtermodule
  • LFO Channel 1+2 (Cutoff)
  • LFO Channel 3+4 (Cutoff)
  • LFO each channel positive or negative switch
  • 1 Waveshaper per Channel
  • 4x Sidechain Input with Envelope Follower for Cutoff-Modulation

Tidal Music

The resonant filter might be the most important effect in popular music these days. However if you want to insert a filter on multiple channels of your mixer and also would like to have a lot of knobs and modulation possibilities, there was no real solution. That's why Tidal Music Electronics announces it's four channel desktop multimode filter. You can switch the four individual resonant filters between Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass modus. Each filter can be modulated by an envelope follower, a LFO and an external CV. The envelope follower is specially designed to track percussive sounds without false triggering, a key feature when used with drumcomputers, grooveboxes or guitar.

Maximum Modulation

  • Each filterbank has 4 VCFs, 4 Waveshapers, 4 Envelopefollowers and 2 Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs).
  • The filters are switchable between 3 modes, Lowpass, Bandpass and Highpass. The Low- and Bandpass are 24 dB and the Highpass is 12 dB/Oct.
  • The cutoff of each channel can be modulated by it's own Envelope follower which can be fed by a sidechain input or by the audiosignal itself. This option gives you the possibilities to create very funky filter-effects.
  • Each LFO modulates 2 channels and every channel has it's own depth controller which can be set positive or negative. This can be used to generate cool stereo effects.

The Waveshaper

The waveshaper is one of the components which give the filterbank it's unique sound. It actually is a wavefolder which "folds" the tops of the waveform back instead of clipping. This sounds a bit like an overdrive but also has some characteristics of Frequency Modulation.

To give you a better idea what the waveshaper actually does we'll illustrate what happens with a simple sine wave using different ratio settings for each of the two shaper modes.

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