Tiborange Buzztard



The buzztard is a distortion/fuzz for bass and guitar, Its our first non tube effect. The picker control in combination with the kicker control gives you the possibility to dial in a more fuzz or a more distortionlike tone, even medium gain sounds are possible. The sticker knob controls the internal noise gate so even at full fuzz level there is only noise when you want it! Its a funny sideeffect that at low gain settings with a full opend sticker the tone seems to keep sticking to your strings, if you know 8bit Nintendo sounds, percussive almost drumlike sounds, its just for fun!
Toner is a tonecontrol, and it goes realy deep so its usable for bass too. The louder knob does what he says... turn it and it get louder... in maximum with a 12dB boost.
The pedal is true bypass wired, so it won't colour your tone if its switched off.

The enclosure is heavy metal, as well as the knobs and all the poti axis, so it should survive every attack. The pedal is power by a 9V battery (supplied) or by the DC-connector.

  • controls: picker, kicker, sticker, toner, louder, footswitch
  • inputs: mono input and mono output 6,3mm, 9V DC-connector

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