ThunderTomate Phil Hilborne Fat TB


  • Level
  • Cut

internal switches

  • 3 treble booster and 5 fat presets


Thunder Tomate (2007)

Phil has developed this signature pedal with Thunder Tomate.

The pedal is a ‘fat treble booster’ which offers a lot more control over frequency/eq and gain than a conventional treble booster – it sounds great!

Available exclusively from Phil's site or via Phil's clinics/gigs.

Technical features:

  • True bypass.
  • Neutrik isolated input and output jacks for single-point grounding.
  • Standard BOSS style power supply jack.
  • High impedance jfet input buffer.
  • Low impedance jfet output buffer.
  • Treble booster stage with high gain and low noise silicon transistor biased for asymmetrical compression / distortion.
  • External cut knob, it acts like the cut knob in the AC30 amp.
  • 3 Internal switches to choose between 3 different treble booster tones and 5 fat switches.
  • Low noise components.

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