ThunderTomate Analog Delay



Thunder Tomate (2010)

Now in its fifth version, this new model benefits from all our previous experience in the design of complex analog circuits. The principles of design used on previous versions are kept, as the use of high quality BBDs (Bucket Brigade Devices) or the use of independent clock-noise cancellation circuits for each BBD.

While on most of the analog models present in the market you can obtain 300-350ms of delay time, in this case, the use of two BBBs allow us to reach a delay time of 500ms. Even though the use of two BBDs could allow to reach a delay time of 700ms, this figure has been limited to 500ms in order to avoid any tonal degradation of the delayed signal.

Special attention has been paid to the treatment of the original signal to obtain the maximun transparency. if we close the 'Mix' knob all the way out it becomes allmost impossible to detect any difference between the input and output signals.

As corresponds to a classic analog delay, the possibility of auto-oscillation has been avoided: the effect responds uniquely to the signal coming from the guitar.

Despite the existence in the market of a wide variety of affordable mass-produced digital models, the tonal qualities of the warm and organic sound of a good analog delay remains unquestionable.


  • True bypass.
  • Neutrik jacks.
  • Low noise components.
  • High input impedance: 500 KOhm.
  • Low output impedance: < 500 Ohm.
  • Current consumption: 20 mA.
  • BOSS PSA style DC input.
  • Two-year warranty.

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