ThunderTomate Analog Chorus



Thunder Tomate (2010)

The main characteristics of this effect can be summarized in two words: 'subtlety' and 'transparency'. The proper use of analog BBD chips produces a warm and organic tone impossible to be emulated with digital techniques but, as important as this, this stompbox has been deliberately designed to add just a subtle effect of space and dimensionality without imposing any gross colorations which could ultimately lead to restrict the naturalness of the effect.

The subtle nature of this effect has remarkable advantages in terms of versatility of use. What you get with this effect is indeed a subtle enrichment of the harmonic structure of the guitar's tone that is perfectly compatible with both clean and saturated sounds. By tuning this stompbox with either saturated or distorted sounds, a more present and weightier sound is obtained, but in a way that the presence on the signal of a chorus effect is hardly perceived.

In addition to the versatility and subtlety of the effect among with the usual 'depth' and 'rate' controls, a 'mix' control has also been added. This allows controlling very precisely the amount of chorus effect without the need of resorting to the 'depth' control or altering any other parameter.


  • True bypass.
  • Neutrik jacks.
  • Low noise components.
  • High input impedance: 500 KOhm
  • Low output impedance: < 500 Ohm
  • Current consumption: 15mA
  • BOSS PSA style DC input.
  • Two-year warranty.

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